Implementation of appropriate safeguards to ensure the delivery of critical business services.

Virtual Guardian's 24/7 SOC
can monitor your digital infrastructure

Our Security Operations Center is based on IBM QRadar, the industry leader in SIEM.


Be proactive and protect your systems, assets, data, and capabilities.

Monitoring (SIEM, SOAR, UEBA)

Collection, centralization, and analysis of events related to your infrastructures and continuous management of your security incidents.

EDR/MDR Monitoring

Collection, analysis, and remediation of events and incidents on your endpoints.

Threat Detection and Assessment

Continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities and evolution of attack vectors in cybersecurity (IoA, IoC).

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor and detect information posted or for sale related to your company, domains, user credentials, email addresses, and other organizational assets on the dark web.

Offensive Security

Penetration testing (network, system, application, web, etc.) to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your organization.

Threat Intelligence

Security intelligence identifying potential attack or compromise vectors for your IT environment.

SOAR cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Automation

Virtual Guardian defends organizations against many threats, not the least of which is alert fatigue. Thousands of alerts can hit an organization’s systems each day. Most don’t have the time and resources to respond to them all. And no organization can afford to ignore alerts. Virtual Guardian helps organizations track down high-priority threats, automate response workflows, and empower teams to intervene when necessary. Without the expertise of your people, your automated processes can quickly be rendered useless. This is why we combine our decades of cybersecurity experience with insights from your team to build playbooks based on the reality of your environment, technology, and industry. This ensures your SOAR solution can quickly filter, classify and prioritize threats, and automatically run standardized playbooks across all your systems. Plus, when more sophisticated attacks are identified, your team will be able to zero in on the source and take action.

Agility meets insight

Virtual Guardian is devoted to the idea that even one threat among thousands is too important to miss or ignore. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions help organizations investigate alerts and bring priority threats forward for analysis. We connect security technologies and integrate new tools designed to analyze data from multiple sources, identify urgent threats, and automate responses while leaving room for human intervention.

Applied intelligence

Virtual Guardian begins by establishing what an organization’s process is today and how improvements can be made moving forward. To do this we ask, what does an organization’s normal mode of operation look like? What does an alert response look like? What assets are utilized and, ultimately, what can be automated to increase efficiency?

High-visibility cybersecurity

SOAR solutions provide visibility into activity across a network, from endpoint devices to cloud applications. With this, organizations are able to monitor alerts and verify that playbooks are running smoothly and, if needed, react in real-time as new threats emerge.

Efficiencies gained

Virtual Guardian deployed SOAR solutions help organizations select and integrate relevant cybersecurity playbooks including:
  • Phishing
  • Endpoint investigation
  • Failed user log-in
  • Log-ins from unusual locations

Security orchestration automation and response

Virtual Guardian consults on and provides APIs/playbooks for Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) that reacts to alerts from monitoring tools, helping organizations compensate for a shortage of experienced security analysts. With SOAR, organizations save money and significantly enhance their protection. Automation without guidance is not an asset. Virtual Guardian takes a holistic view of organizations to determine:
  • Are they ready for automation?
  • Where are the blind spots?
  • Will current playbooks and workflow support automation?
  • What can be automated with the current infrastructure?
  • What should be automated first?
  • If automation is not the best solution, Virtual Guardian will assist organizations to develop a roadmap and specific plans to SOAR readiness.

Steps to Reduce Risk

Preventing disruption to your business can be done using proven technologies and processes, either on-site or through our managed SOC.