Reveal & Track Your Exposure

Build a holistic view of your cybersecurity risk landscape including your systems, team, assets, information, and capabilities.

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Our experienced team will help you design, plan, implement, and optimize cybersecurity programs and solutions tailored to your business.

Identify & Protect

Identify and understand your cybersecurity posture in order to make appropriate risk-based decisions.


On-demand Chief Security Officer services to define your cybersecurity strategy and direction.

Security Program Management Framework

Creation or optimization of the security policy framing the roles and responsibilities within your organization.


Align your security strategy with organizational needs to focus and prioritize resources necessary for cybersecurity.

Security & Risk Management

Accurately identify and manage your risks, while building and maintaining a risk-based zero trust framework.


Maximize the efficiency of your organization around your controls environment for all your legal and regulatory requirements: ISO 27001, SOC, PCI-DSS, CyberSecure Canada, Law 25, COPA, CCPA and others.

Security Audit

Assessment of the maturity of the governance framework and security controls in place in your organization, according to market standards (NIST, ISO 27001, COBIT, CIS).

Security Architecture and Integration

Implementation of solutions to ensure adequate security controls in your company.

Vulnerability Management

A multi-pronged approach of scanning systems, identifying vulnerabilities, and deploying patches.

Endpoint Protection

Protect endpoints from phishing emails, malicious advertising, and ransomware with a proactive, AI-driven endpoint protection platform.

Employee Awareness Training

Train staff to identify and minimize email threats, combined with simulated phishing attacks, to test what they have learned.

Identity Management

Solutions that provide a seamless digital experience for customers and employees, no matter where they are, for quick and easy access to your services, regardless of the device used to interact with your brand.

security program managment framework

Security Program Management Framework

Program Assessment and Strategy

Virtual Guardian conducts gap analysis to identify missing components or processes from an organization’s operations. Afterward, we bring forth strategies to fortify the program and bring it into compliance with standards and best practices.

Dangers old and new

Virtual Guardian knows cybersecurity problems of today can be the result of choices made in the past. Missed updates, unapplied security patches, supply chain attacks, or the use of legacy technology can create vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Virtual Guardian shows organizations how modern methods and technology will offer protection from current threats while preparing for future threats. Respecting what could come next is why we maintain a forward-looking vigil to the future of cybersecurity. Virtual Guardian monitors emerging threats, trends, and technologies to maintain a strong defensive position for an organization’s most sensitive assets.

Framing the solution

Virtual Guardian provides custom cybersecurity strategies for organizations by employing field-proven programs. Our method involves applying a framework of best practices and custom solutions crafted around an organization’s specific industry, operational process, and security needs.

Finding the path to cybersecurity

Virtual Guardian uses security gap assessment to inform strategy. With an organization’s situation known and expectations defined, Virtual Guardian brings forth a plan of action that mitigates cybersecurity risks while enhancing operational efficiencies. This process can encompass our co-managed Virtual Guardian GRCx platform or training your team to understand how regulations are impacting security controls.


Security and Risk Management programs are becoming increasingly complicated to manage and to provide reporting for each level of the organization. Footprints are constantly expanding, and functions like data security continue to challenge our coverage across multiple platforms and delivery methods. Let’s face it: it is getting tougher to monitor the lifecycle and current state of everything we do. There’s a simple reason why we are the choice of healthcare, financial, insurance, retail, and manufacturing industries to identify gaps, evaluate risks, and locate areas of opportunity within operational processes. It’s smarter and easier. We can help you with the governance aspects of your program, Security Architecture, and program documentation.  Not sure where to start? Call us for a current state evaluation.

Security & Risk Management


We automate the collection of information to optimize governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) using our cloud-based, co-managed GRCx platform. With it, organizations can handle the core GRC functions and other business processes that can be related to Governance, Risk, and Compliance.
Whether you are just starting and need a unifying system for each risk management team or you are already advanced and need to pull data from other systems to automate calculation and presentation of your risk posture and action items, GRCx is ideal for:
  • Risk & Security Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Audit Management
  • Business Resiliency/Continuity, and DR Management
  • Program Reporting
  • Metrics and API Integrations
  • Custom Business Process Automation


If you need to more efficiently and effectively manage your compliance programs, we’ve got answers to help you.  We’ll put you in the driver’s seat and bring all your teams together with reporting that leaves little to question. Whether for SOC-2, PCI, Law 25 or the hundreds of other requirements, we can help harmonize controls, improve monitoring and reporting, provide gap analysis, and more. We’ll put you in the driver’s seat and bring all your teams together with reporting that leaves little to question. Whether for SOC-2, PCI, Law 25 or the hundreds of other requirements, we can help harmonize controls, improve monitoring and reporting, provide gap analysis and more.

GRCx is a single platform that accelerates the business process, reduces staff effort, and saves money. It features pre-built solution templates that are easily configured to meet any business-specific governance, risk, and compliance processes.

Our smart reports and dashboards increase collaboration and give you the ability to orchestrate and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making, eliminating noise and freeing up time.

security architecture and integration

Security Architecture and Integration

Security Architecture Consultation

Virtual Guardian’s skilled architects analyze an organization’s cybersecurity challenges to make the right recommendations that can overcome them.

Pragmatic approach

Virtual Guardian guides organizations along the complex journey of cybersecurity where the path between specific challenges and best-case solutions, services, or technologies may be unclear.  When organizations work with Virtual Guardian, a senior security architect identifies issues to recommend the right solutions. We assess the current environment, discover what’s working well, and uncover gaps before making a recommendation.

In cybersecurity there is no such thing as “one size fits all.”  That is why we start by listening and learning about your unique environment.  From there, the Virtual Guardian team recommends right-sized solutions to protect your company without superfluous steps or unnecessary expenditures.  We respect budgets, assets, and realities in our process to eliminate security gaps, drive operating efficiency, optimize investments, and protect an organization’s assets and reputation.

Solutions sized to the situation

Virtual Guardian dispatches assumptions so we can listen and learn about an organization’s cybersecurity program. All data has a value, and Virtual Guardian right sizes solutions to protect it without superfluous steps or unnecessary expenditures. We respect budgets, assets, and realities in our process to eliminate security gaps, drive operating efficiency, optimize investments, and protect an organization’s assets and reputation.

vulnerability management

Vulnerability Management

Virtual Guardian identifies vulnerabilities and categorizes them based upon their severity and probability of occurrence so organizations can actively manage and reduce their attack surface. We accomplish this through a multi-pronged approach of scanning systems, identifying risks, and deploying patches.

Intentional defense

Virtual Guardian uses our expert understanding of an organization’s security posture and industry regulations to defend data, devices, and applications from attack. We accomplish this by developing a detailed threat management plan to address critical areas.

Bringing context to your attack surface

Virtual Guardian brings context to how an organization’s assets, services, goals, and regulatory requirements can be impacted if vulnerabilities are exploited across the attack surface.

Prioritization of remediation

Virtual Guardian helps organizations identify the value of each asset and the severity of vulnerabilities, so they can prioritize remediation efforts.
endpoint protection

Endpoint Protection

Virtual Guardian deploys best-in-class protection on an organization’s endpoints to protect against phishing emails, malicious advertising, and ransomware.  We handle everything, from deployment to ongoing reporting, to ensure attackers won’t have easy access into your organization.

AI prevention

Virtual Guardian employs an agile cybersecurity-agent powered by locally deployed artificial intelligence. Using API integrations, we connect into an organization’s environment providing real-time protection.

Detect and prevent in milliseconds

We identify threats in milliseconds, allowing response mechanisms to take effect with near immediate impact.

Cloud deployment

Our best-in-class solution is a single lightweight agent that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It deploys in minutes with no reboots, signatures, or hardware.

Managed Service

Virtual Guardian offers endpoint protection as a managed service, ensuring you are covered end-to-end from the implementation of the platform to 24/7/365 monitoring and response.  Contact us to learn more.

employee awareness training

Employee Awareness Training

Education and Awareness

Virtual Guardian has partnered with industry leaders in security awareness and training to provide the world’s most popular integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks.

Train users

Virtual Guardian conducts on-demand, interactive, engaging training with common traps, live Kevin Mitnick demos, and scenario-based Danger Zone exercises.

Phish users

Virtual Guardian will deploy fully-automated, simulated phishing attacks, let you take advantage of hundreds of templates, and browse community phishing templates.

See the results

Virtual Guardian will show ROI in action with enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing.

identity Management

Identity Management

Workforce Identity & Access Management

A primary cause of breaches is too many users with excessive access privileges. Virtual Guardian can help you to empower your employees with fast, flexible access while giving you tight control over your data. We’ll advise you on the best solution and ensure your actions meet the need.

Customer Identity & Access Management

Data breaches are on the rise with no signs of slowing. Today’s customers demand great service and they also expect privacy. Privacy laws are catching up to these expectations, but are you doing everything you can to comply with regulations and keep the data you collect safe? Virtual Guardian provides insight into your IAM infrastructure via dashboards for visualizing your operational and customer identity metrics.

Vendor Identity & Access Management

When you partner with vendors, how do you ensure that they are not introducing risk into your environment? Are they using their access appropriately? Lack of visibility can leave you vulnerable. Virtual Guardian can help you measure risk, control access, and increase visibility to enhance your ability to work seamlessly with vendors while mitigating risk.

Steps to Identify Risk

Identifying risk is the first step of our VG360 methodology. The outcome is a stronger cybersecurity posture built following NIST best practices.