Implementation of appropriate safeguards to ensure the delivery of critical business services.

Virtual Guardian's 24/7 SOC
can monitor your digital infrastructure

Our Security Operations Centre is based on IBM QRadar, the industry leader in SIEM and SOAR.


Be proactive and protect your systems, assets, data, and capabilities.

Monitoring (SIEM, SOAR, UEBA)

Collection, centralization and analysis of events related to your infrastructures and continuous management of your security incidents.

EDR/MDR Monitoring

Collection, analysis and remediation of events and incidents on your endpoints.

Threat Assessment

Continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities and evolution of attack vectors in cybersecurity (IoA, IoC).

Employee Awareness and Training

Implementation of a program based on cybersecurity event simulation exercises to increase employee vigilance and better prevent attacks.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitoring and detection of your company’s activities on known malicious sites (email addresses, IP addresses, domain names).

Offensive Security

Penetration testing (network, system, application, web, etc.) to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your organization.

Vulnerability Management

Implementation of a proactive process of discovery, continuous monitoring, mitigation and remediation to protect your organization’s IT attack surface.

Threat Intelligence

Security intelligence identifying potential attack or compromise vectors for your IT environment.


Use of techniques and solutions that allow you to mask or replace sensitive information.

Identity Management

Solutions that provide a seamless digital experience for customers and employees, no matter where they are, for quick and easy access to your services, regardless of the device used to interact with your brand.

Steps to Prevent Risk

Preventing disruption to your business can be done using proven technologies and processes, either on-site or through our managed SOC.