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Baladodiffusion «Behind the Shield»

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Les gardiens virtuels vous font découvrir ce qui se cache derrière le bouclier et dans la cellule de crise informatique en explorant les derniers événements mondiaux en matière de cybersécurité. (L’événement “Behind the Shield” est présenté en anglais.)

Hot Topics: Six arrested in Quebec (closure of a major criminal marketplace on the Dark Web.), Putin’s secret weapon: weaponized ransomware, BYOD habits and how they put their data and organizations at risk.
Extras: Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Byron Acohido (lastwatchdog.com): “Network security reborn: Leveraging machine learning, automation to drive legacy defenses into obsolescence.”

Hot Topics: Multi Factor Authentication Blind Spots, T-Mobile’s Security Breach (API Attack vector), TikTok ban (US & Canada governments), Return of IceFire Ransomware.
Extras: Branden Williams, VP of IAM Strategy at Ping Identity: «Fostering Collaboration to Build Trust in an Untrustworthy World”.

Hot Topics: Mortgage Broker 8Twelve’s leak (where everything went wrong), Reddit cyberattack, AI in the wrong hands, and clickbait article of the month: “Cyber Apocalypse 2023: Is The World Heading For A ‘Catastrophic’ Event”.
Extras: Mike Britton, CISO for Abnormal Security, brings guest customer Joel Godbout, Cybersecurity Manager at PCL Construction, to discuss “Securing Your Cloud Email Platform from Socially-Engineered Attacks”.

Hot Topics: Special «Year In Review» featuring 7 panelists talking the most memorable 2022 cybersecurity hacks and events, followed by their wishes and predictions for 2023.

Hot Topics: Empire, Maple Leaf Foods breach; Ransomware attack on Boeing; Twitter verified users; Breaches across Australia; LockBit ransomware mastermind arrested.
Extras: Christopher Reynolds, Partner Account Manager at OVHcloud: “Hyper Resilience and the Future of Data Centers”.

Hot Topics: Expert panelists and host Marco Estrela discuss current cybersecurity topics ripped from the headlines.
Extras: Brad Stocking, Associate Partner Cloud and Infrastructure Security at IBM Security: «Zero Trust – No Silver Bullets”.

Merci à nos promoteurs pour leur soutien continu envers “Behind the Shield!”

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