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Behind the Shield

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The Virtual Guardians take you behind the shield and inside the Cyber War Room for a breakdown of the world’s latest cybersecurity events.

Recorded live on: 6.20.24

Hot Topics: Fortigates get breached, Do you recall when Recall was recalled?, Medical-related ransomware breaking all kinds of records (Recorded Future study), Arrests in the Desjardins hack, Update on the Snowflake debacle, and Another Microsoft flaw causing headaches via WIFI.

Recorded live on: 5.24.24

Hot Topics: Do bounties for ransomeware work? Black Basta, wreaking havoc again! Google accidentally wiping out a huge account and APT28 cybercrime group updates.
Extras: RSA 2024, IBM think and ITSec recap/insights.

Recorded live on 4.18.2024

Hot Topics: The Just for Laughs email scam, Roku’s most recent cyberattack affecting 576 000 accounts, and Palo Alto’s Zero-Day attack.
Extras: Bruno Germain of Zscaler spotlights: “SDXCentral reports: “SASE is future, ZT is past, but SSE is right now”; The many ways this is wrong!”

Recorded live on 3.26.2024

Hot Topics: This episode’s all Hot Topics format includes: Volt Typhoon announcement, Cyberattack on US healthcare payment system, SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure coming into effect, Lessons from the Microsoft’s Password Spray Hack, and Why Companies Are Bringing Data In-House.
Extras: This month we’re joined for the first time by a new panelist, Jason Williams, Virtual Guardian’s new Director of Client Success and Solutions Architecture.

Recorded live on 2.22.2024

Hot Topics: Open AI’s concerns about #GenAI, the data security of AI boy/girlfriends, our guest’s take on the #AppleProVision, and LockBit’s recent bust by the UK government.
Extras: Matt Konwiser, from this month’s sponsor IBM Security, spotlights: “How Generative AI is forcing security teams to re-think their approach to security”.

Recorded live on 1.18.2024

Hot Topics: Extortion scam linked to the SEC. The effects of ransomware not on hospitals but on the patients themselves.
Extras: The highs and lows of #cybersecurity in 2023. Predictions and wishes for 2024.

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