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Baladodiffusion « Behind the Shield »

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Les gardiens virtuels vous font découvrir ce qui se cache derrière le bouclier et dans la cellule de crise informatique en explorant les derniers événements mondiaux en matière de cybersécurité. (L’événement “Behind the Shield” est présenté en anglais.)

Recorded live on 3.26.2024

Hot Topics: This episode’s all Hot Topics format includes: Volt Typhoon announcement, Cyberattack on US healthcare payment system, SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure coming into effect, Lessons from the Microsoft’s Password Spray Hack, and Why Companies Are Bringing Data In-House.
Extras: This month we’re joined for the first time by a new panelist, Jason Williams, Virtual Guardian’s new Director of Client Success and Solutions Architecture.

Recorded live on 2.22.2024

Hot Topics: Open AI’s concerns about #GenAI, the data security of AI boy/girlfriends, our guest’s take on the #AppleProVision, and LockBit’s recent bust by the UK government.
Extras: Matt Konwiser, from this month’s sponsor IBM Security, spotlights: “How Generative AI is forcing security teams to re-think their approach to security”.

Recorded live on 1.18.2024

Hot Topics: Extortion scam linked to the SEC. The effects of ransomware not on hospitals but on the patients themselves.
Extras: The highs and lows of #cybersecurity in 2023. Predictions and wishes for 2024.

Recorded on 11.08.2023

Bonus Hot Topics: We didn’t have time to get to all of our Hot Topics in the Nov 2nd Behind the Shield!  Ready for a little more cyber news from Marco, Bill and Patrick? Hot topics in this episode include: AI Kidnapping Hoaxes, Johnson Controls Breach – An Update from Patrick from last week’s discussion, Fraudsters target Booking.com customers, and Okta breach.

Hot Topics: Expert panelists, including our guest Chris ‘Tito’ Sestino of HiddenLayer, and host Marco Estrela discuss current cybersecurity topics ripped from the headlines. Credit card fraud while traveling; AI generated phishing attacks, Johnson Controls Breach, Emerging AI Regulations & Effects
Extras: “Securing AI Innovation: Safeguarding AI Amid Emerging Threats” – Chris Sestito, Co-founder & CEO of HiddenLayer, a cybersecurity start-up dedicated to preventing adversarial artificial intelligence attacks.

Hot Topics: Expert panelists and host Marco Estrela discuss current cybersecurity topics ripped from the headlines. MGM and Caesar’s Cyberattack, TransUnion Data stolen, Microsoft AI Employee Accidental Leak, Canadian Airports DOS, Clorox Breach
Extras: CISCO’s $28B purchase of SPLUNK, NaviLogic’s name change to Virtual Guardian

Merci à nos promoteurs pour leur soutien continu envers “Behind the Shield!”

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