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NaviLogic has changed its name to Virtual Guardian

August 4, 2023 | By: Virtual Guardian
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We are excited to announce that NaviLogic has changed its name to Virtual Guardian! To ensure a seamless transition, we have prepared a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that provides more information about the name change and its implications:

Q: Who is Virtual Guardian?

A: At the intersection of people, processes, and technology, Virtual Guardian achieves digital resilience for clients by leveraging our comprehensive cybersecurity expertise. In close partnership and collaboration with clients, Virtual Guardian identifies vulnerabilities and deploys technology and processes to mitigate impact from threats when they occur. Learn more about Virtual Guardian via our 2022 press release (when NaviLogic first became part of Virtual Guardian and the ESI family of companies), social pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and our website: www.virtualguardian.com.

Q: When did NaviLogic become part of Virtual Guardian?

A: January 2022, Virtual Guardian welcomed NaviLogic to our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, bringing a combined 30 years of enterprise experience to the cybersecurity market and our North American clients.

Q: Why did Virtual Guardian choose NaviLogic?

A: Not only did Virtual Guardian appreciate NaviLogic’s values, feeling closely aligned to their “your business is our business” approach as well as to their brand promise of Listen, Understand, Deliver with clients, but the acquisition further enhanced Virtual Guardian’s suite of offerings in the US with a respected and trusted company established with medium and large organizations and a full partner ecosystem.

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Q: Why did NaviLogic choose Virtual Guardian?

A: NaviLogic recognized a shared dedication to clients and a genuine passion for what we collectively do. With Virtual Guardian, NaviLogic could be a strong asset, adding deep knowledge of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) to Virtual Guardian’s skillset while also expanding their own security solution capabilities, allowing clients to receive greater coverage from a single source.

Q: How did NaviLogic’s integration into Virtual Guardian impact clients?

A: NaviLogic clients experienced the same expert advice and service as always, seamlessly benefiting from the expansion of the team and resources. The integration elevated what we do best, which translates to a superior class of protection for our clients.

Q: How are NaviLogic and Virtual Guardian better together?

A: Together, NaviLogic and Virtual Guardian have had a stronger response to the increasing challenges facing our clients. New and existing clients gained access to a greater pool of resources, services, programs and solutions to help mitigate emerging threats and align programs with industry best practices.

Q: What can clients expect from the “new” Virtual Guardian?

A: As the organizational integration took place more than a year ago, many clients may not notice any difference other than the name change and branding updates as Virtual Guardian. Over the next few months, we’ll debut an improved website and collateral that better describes our collective offerings, as well as how we work together with our parent company, ESI Technologies, to offer end-to-end solutions for digital transformation.

Q: What will this change mean to me, day-to-day, as a current NaviLogic client?

A: Letters will be sent to the appropriate contacts which include any administrative details that might affect your back-office interactions. Your account executive can also provide additional details.

Q: Why change the NaviLogic name?

A: As we continue to grow and expand our offerings, it’s important that our collective name accurately represents our mission to be the trusted guardian of our clients’ digital security.

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