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24/7 SOC

security operations center

Virtual Guardian’s 24/7 MDR/SOC service offers the most complete cybersecurity feature set. In operation since 2011, Virtual Guardian’s SOC meticulously scrutinizes network and user activities to swiftly detect and mitigate attacks, continuously monitoring events, log files, user behaviors and network traffic while also ensuring compliance with legal and cyber-insurance requirements.

Our cybersecurity experts have deep knowledge of the current threat landscape. They will identify advanced attacks and insider risks by devising detection protocols and use cases capable of promptly identifying suspicious activities within moments. Through the implementation of best of breed advanced technologies like SIEM, SOAR, VMDR and XDR our security specialists swiftly and effectively respond to threats. You can rest assured that our team is working with the highest quality information possible, guaranteeing effective and efficient results for your cybersecurity monitoring and response.

When suspicious events or patterns are discovered, our SOC team conducts fast, thorough investigations to stem the risks to systems and employees. This prompt response and communication to your organization, minimizes the potential impacts of cyber threats to your operations.


  • 24/7 Always-on monitoring & cyber analyst support
  • 24/7 Threat disruption & containment support
  • Named cyber risk advisor with concrete recommendation to improve your cybersecurity posture (reporting, communication & collaboration every month)
  • Detailed escalations w/ analysis & recommendations
  • Automated and rapid human-led investigations, threat containment & remediation
  • Detections mapped to Mitre Attack framework
  • Threat intelligence, research & thought


  • Continuous user & entity behavior analysis (UEBA)
  • Ransomware, brute force, phishing, DDoS attacks and mores use-cases included.
  • Multi-source coverage & visibility (on-prem, clouds, O365 account monitoring, etc.)
  • Automated detections w/ signatures, behavioral analytics, IOC & IPS security network effects
  • Network analysis (i.e. unauthorized lateral movement detection)


  • 24/7 or evening/nights/weekend


  • Anti-ransomware protection
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Endpoint detection & response
  • Vulnerability Management & Automated Patching

The dangers are real, but the solution is simple. Let Virtual Guardian’s 24/7 Security Operations Center focus on the risks for you. Contact us to learn more about end-to-end and on-going management to help protect your systems.

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security center monitoring

The Virtual Guardian Security Operations Center employs the IBM QRadar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution integrated with the innovative capabilities of Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). This combination ensures unparalleled security by providing clients with high fidelity information and alerts that are both timely and relevant. With SOAR, we enhance efficiency by automating security operations tasks, thereby reducing response times and minimizing human errors. By employing UEBA, we analyze user behavior and network interactions to pinpoint anomalies and potential threats. This combination of technologies enables Virtual Guardian to deliver a comprehensive, proactive security approach, giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve in today’s digital landscape.

More About SOAR:

Virtual Guardian defends organizations against many threats, not the least of which is alert fatigue. Thousands of alerts can hit an organization’s systems each day. Most don’t have the time and resources to respond to them all. And no organization can afford to ignore alerts. Virtual Guardian helps organizations track down high-priority threats, automate response workflows, and empower teams to intervene when necessary. Without the expertise of your people, your automated processes can quickly be rendered useless. This is why we combine our decades of cybersecurity experience with insights from your team to build playbooks based on the reality of your environment, technology, and industry. This ensures your SOAR solution can quickly filter, classify and prioritize threats, and automatically run standardized playbooks across all your systems. Plus, when more sophisticated attacks are identified, your team will be able to zero in on the source and take action.

Agility Meets Insight:

Virtual Guardian is devoted to the idea that even one threat among thousands is too important to miss or ignore. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions help organizations investigate alerts and bring priority threats forward for analysis. We connect security technologies and integrate new tools designed to analyze data from multiple sources, identify urgent threats, and automate responses while leaving room for human intervention.

Applied Intelligence:

Virtual Guardian begins by establishing what an organization’s process is today and how improvements can be made moving forward. To do this we ask, what does an organization’s normal mode of operation look like? What does an alert response look like? What assets are utilized and, ultimately, what can be automated to increase efficiency?

High-visibility Cybersecurity:

SOAR solutions provide visibility into activity across a network, from endpoint devices to cloud applications. With this, organizations are able to monitor alerts and verify that playbooks are running smoothly and, if needed, react in real-time as new threats emerge.

Efficiencies Gained:

Virtual Guardian deployed SOAR solutions help organizations select and integrate relevant cybersecurity playbooks including:

  • Phishing
  • Endpoint investigation
  • Failed user log-in
  • Log-ins from unusual locations

Security Orchestration Automation and Response:

Virtual Guardian consults on and provides APIs/playbooks for Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) that reacts to alerts from monitoring tools, helping organizations compensate for a shortage of experienced security analysts. With SOAR, organizations save money and significantly enhance their protection. Automation without guidance is not an asset. Virtual Guardian takes a holistic view of organizations to determine:

  • Are they ready for automation?
  • Where are the blind spots?
  • Will current playbooks and workflow support automation?
  • What can be automated with the current infrastructure?
  • What should be automated first?

More about SIEM:

This technology provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated across your entire IT infrastructure. By centralizing and analyzing logs, SIEM can identify patterns that may indicate a cyber attack, which aids in early detection and response.

With our comprehensive SIEM solutions, we provide real-time monitoring, threat detection , and incident response to ensure the highest level of security for your business. Our advanced technology and proactive approach enable us to identify and mitigate potential risks before they impact your operations.

More about UEBA:

UEBA: This system uses machine learning and data science to monitor user behavior and detect anomalies and deviations from normal behavior that could indicate a threat. UEBA provides valuable insights into user activities, such as login behavior, file access, and data transfers, enabling our security team to identify suspicious activities and take appropriate actions. With its ability to detect unknown threats and insider threats, UEBA plays a vital role in enhancing an organization’s overall security posture.

Ask us about Virtual Guardian’s 24/7 SOC and how SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA provide a deeper insight into the security of your IT environment, making it easier to detect, respond to, and prevent cyber threats.

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Data Protection

back up and restore

Do you have a recovery plan when disaster strikes? Data protection is a crucial component of disaster recovery and ensuring the resilience of your digital assets. Simplify your recovery plan with our fully managed Data Protection service (also known as Backups as a Service or BaaS). Virtual Guardian offers a turnkey managed service that takes care of your backup environment, prioritizing the security of your backup infrastructure while also meeting business security and compliance requirements. Whether your data is stored within your own environment or in our private cloud, it is readily available for restoration in the event of data loss or system failure.

From design to implementation, replication to failover, Virtual Guardian has developed recognized expertise and management practices that align with industry best recommendations. We leverage this expertise to monitor, manage, and protect your data, both on-premises and in the cloud.

By taking advantage of our managed services, you can free up your teams to focus on strategic goals and activities that bring greater value to your company, while we handle the technical aspects of your data protection.

Key features of our Managed Data Protection Services include:

  • Monitoring: Proactive monitoring to ensure business continuity and detect threats in real-time.
  • Management: Trust our dedicated team to have seamless control over your data protection.
  • Optimization – Ensure optimal performance, robust security updates, and patching.
  • Planning – Future-proof your data with the guidance of our experienced consultants.

With Virtual Guardian’s managed data protection services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is securely backed up and can be easily restored in case of any data loss or system failure. Our team of experts ensures a seamless and efficient restore process, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

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Monitoring EDR/MDR

Safeguard your interfaces and enhance integration security

monitoring edr

Securing your organization’s digital assets is a critical task in today’s cyber-threat landscape. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services from Virtual Guardian play a vital role in this endeavor. These services are designed to provide protection against a wide array of cyber threats while minimizing the impact of these threats on your organization’s operations.

Our MDR and EDR service provide 24/7 professional monitoring, ensuring that your systems and networks are constantly under the watchful eyes of our skilled Security Operations Center (SOC) team. This continuous monitoring is crucial in the digital age, where cyber threats can emerge at any time. More importantly, our experts are trained to identify and assess threats in real time, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to minimize potential damage.

In addition to the SOC analysts providing the MDR and EDR services, Virtual Guardian uses Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capabilities to quickly collect data, assist in analysis, and automate approved and appropriate action to mitigate the impact of an event.

This automation, coupled with SOC team analysis, provides a strategic and layered approach to our managed MDR and EDR services. As security events unfold, we diligently analyze them in real-time, evaluating their potential impact and prioritizing our responses accordingly. This ensures that Virtual Guardian promptly and effectively responds to cyber events, providing you with the support you need, precisely when you need it.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Identify and mitigate potential threats

monitor dark web

Dark Web monitoring services are an essential tool in today’s digital landscape. With the increasing prevalence of cybercrime and data breaches, businesses and individuals need to be proactive in protecting their sensitive information. The Dark Web, a hidden part of the internet, is a hotbed for illegal activities, including the buying and selling of stolen data, hacking tools, and personal information. Virtual Guardian’s Dark Web monitoring services aim to identify and mitigate potential threats by continuously scanning the Dark Web for any information posted or for sale related to your company, domains, user credentials, email addresses, and other organizational assets.

Virtual Guardian’s Dark Web monitoring services employ advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to search for specific keywords, usernames, email addresses, and other identifying information. We monitor underground forums, marketplaces, and social media platforms where cybercriminals operate. By constantly monitoring the Dark Web, we alert our clients when information is found, allowing them to take immediate action to protect themselves.

Dark Web monitoring services allow for early detection of data breaches, giving businesses the opportunity to respond quickly and minimize the potential damage, identifying compromised credentials or leaked information so they can take immediate steps to secure systems and prevent further unauthorized access. Furthermore, Dark Web monitoring services can also assist in regulatory compliance. Many industries, such as healthcare and finance, have strict data protection regulations that require organizations to monitor and protect sensitive information. By implementing Virtual Guardian’s Dark Web monitoring services, you can demonstrate your commitment to data security and compliance .

Investing in Dark Web monitoring services is a proactive step towards safeguarding against the ever-evolving threats of the digital world but is only one important component in a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. While dark web monitoring can provide valuable insights and early warnings, it should be used in conjunction with other security measures, such as strong access controls, regular vulnerability assessments, and employee awareness training to create a robust defense against cyber threats.

Ask us about our Dark Web monitoring and our 24/7 Security Operations Center, where monitoring never sleeps.

icon threat detection

Threat Detection & Assessment

threat detection

Virtual Guardian’s managed Threat Detection and Assessment service, which provides continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities and the evolution of attack vectors in cybersecurity, ensures the highest level of security for your organization. We go beyond traditional security measures to employ advanced monitoring techniques for threat detection such as Indicators of Attack (IoA) and Indicators of Compromise (IoC) to proactively identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.

IoA and IoC play crucial roles in detecting and responding to potential threats. IoA refers to the signs or patterns that indicate an ongoing attack, such as unusual network traffic or unauthorized access attempts. By monitoring these indicators 24/7, our Security Operations Center proactively identifies and mitigates potential risks before they cause significant damage.

IoC refers to the evidence or artifacts left behind after an attack has occurred, such as malicious files or suspicious IP addresses. These indicators can include the presence of malware, unusual file modifications, or unauthorized changes in system configurations. By analyzing IoCs, Virtual Guardian can give you insights to take appropriate actions to prevent future compromises. (Note, this technique differs from our digital forensics services in focus and purpose. IoC focuses on identifying signs or evidence that a system or network has been compromised or breached while digital forensics delves deeper and involves the collection, preservation, and analysis of cybercrimes or data breaches usually for legal purposes.)

Together, IoA and IoC provide valuable insights. Virtual Guardian experts who wield these Threat Detection tools are well-versed in the latest cybersecurity trends and attack vectors, constantly studying the evolving tactics used by malicious actors and scanning your systems for any new vulnerabilities that may arise. By staying vigilant, we learn your environment and vulnerabilities and use the information to assess the likelihood and potential impact of various threats. Threat assessments take threat intelligence revealed by our monitoring to help create a picture for how you can better address potential security weaknesses before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

At Virtual Guardian, we prioritize the security and protection of your organization’s sensitive data. Our managed threat detection and assessment service is designed to ensure the continuous monitoring and protection of your systems by industry-leading experts, freeing up your internal IT department for other projects and initiatives. You can rely on Virtual Guardian to keep watch over your organization giving you the confidence and assurance that your data is secure.

icon threat intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Stay a step ahead of cyber threats.

threat intelligence

Virtual Guardian’s Threat Intelligence managed service analyzes and interprets real-time security intelligence feeds about potential attack or compromise vectors that could impact your organization. Our advanced monitoring systems continuously scan the internet, dark web, and other threat intel sources to identify any signs of malicious activity. We collect and analyze data from various security feeds, including open-source intelligence (OSINT), to provide you with actionable insights.

Our threat intelligence capabilities utilize best in breed technologies and partners, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to detect and analyze patterns in data. This allows us to identify emerging threats and provide applicable proactive recommendations to mitigate risks. Our team of experienced analysts works 24/7 to investigate and validate potential threats, ensuring that you receive accurate and timely information.

In addition to threat detection, our managed service also includes select incident response capabilities. In the event of a security incident, our team can provide immediate support and guidance to help you contain and remediate the threat. We work closely with your internal IT and security teams to ensure a coordinated and effective response with the proper service-level agreements in place.

By partnering with Virtual Guardian for threat intelligence managed services, you can enhance your organization’s security posture and mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks and reduce impact. Our comprehensive approach, combined with our expertise and advanced technologies, enables us to deliver tailored threat intelligence solutions that meet your specific needs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with Virtual Guardian’s threat intelligence managed services.

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Vulnerability Management

Improve your resilience against cyber attacks.

vulnerability management

Virtual Guardian’s Vulnerability Management managed service is a comprehensive solution designed to protect your organization’s systems from potential threats.

Our multi-pronged approach includes:

  • Recurring scans of your workstations (and even applications), to identify vulnerabilities that could compromise them.
  • Classification and management of identified vulnerabilities
  • Automated vulnerability patching

Scanning systems is the first step in the Vulnerability Management process. Virtual Guardian utilizes advanced scanning tools to thoroughly examine your systems and identify any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities. These scans are performed on a regular basis to ensure that any new vulnerabilities are promptly detected.

Once vulnerabilities are identified, Virtual Guardian completes a Vulnerability Assessment, in which a team of experts works diligently to assess the severity of each vulnerability and then prioritizes them based on the potential impact on your systems. This allows for a more efficient allocation of resources and ensures that the most critical vulnerabilities are addressed first.

Deploying patches is a crucial aspect of Vulnerability Management. Virtual Guardian’s team works closely with your organization to develop a patch management strategy that aligns with your specific needs and requirements. Patches are carefully tested and deployed in a controlled manner to minimize any potential disruptions to your systems.

Virtual Guardian’s Vulnerability Management managed service through our 24/7 SOC also includes ongoing monitoring and reporting, keeping you informed of the status of your systems and the effectiveness of the vulnerability management efforts.

If you’re looking for a more holistic view of your organization’s security landscape, contact us to learn more about ESI’s Network Security Assessment for a network architecture review, Identification of network (LAN/WAN) strengths & weaknesses, and analysis of traffic flow and your device configs to identify high-priority weaknesses. The findings from a network security assessment can inform the vulnerability management process by identifying areas of weakness that need immediate attention.

Leveraged together, Virtual Guardian’s Vulnerability Management managed service and a Network Security Assessment will help you to improve the security and resilience of your systems against cyber attacks.

icon asset visibility managment

Asset Visibility Management

Save time and reduce risk of human error.

asset visibility management

With the increasing complexity and scale of modern IT environments, maintaining a comprehensive view of assets has become more challenging than ever before. Virtual Guardian’s Asset Visibility and Management managed service offers a robust and efficient way to gain real-time insights into your assets. By leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Virtual Guardian provides a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of all assets, regardless of their location or type. We accurately track and monitor all assets within an organization’s network, including hardware, software, and data.

One of the key features of Virtual Guardian’s Asset visibility solution is our ability to automatically discover and classify assets. This means you no longer have to rely on manual inventory management processes, which are often time-consuming and prone to human error. Instead, Virtual Guardian can automatically scan the network, identify all connected devices, and categorize them based on predefined criteria. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures that no assets go unnoticed or unaccounted for.

Virtual Guardian’s Asset visibility solution also provides detailed information about each asset, including its hardware specifications, software versions, and network connections. This level of granularity allows organizations to have a complete understanding of their assets, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding security policies, software updates, and hardware upgrades.

In addition to asset discovery and classification, Virtual Guardian’s offers continuous monitoring and alerting capabilities. We can detect any unauthorized changes or activities related to assets, such as software installations, configuration changes, or network connections. This proactive approach to asset management helps organizations identify and mitigate potential security risks before they can cause any harm.

Virtual Guardian saves time and reduces the risk of human error. Whether it’s hardware, software, or data, Virtual Guardian’s Asset Visibility and Management ensures that nothing goes unnoticed or unsecured!


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