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Navilogic Reveals New Identity & Vision for the Future

September 26, 2023 | By: Virtual Guardian
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MN-Based Cybersecurity Company ‘NaviLogic’ Rebrands as ‘Virtual Guardian’

ESI Technologies
September 4, 2023

ST. Paul, MN, USA, September 26, 2023 – Navilogic, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions based in St. Paul MN, has changed its name to Virtual Guardian to better reflect the company’s focus on protecting its clients’ digital assets. “We’re excited to reband as Virtual Guardian,” said Bill Strub, NaviLogic’s co-founder and new President of Virtual Guardian Inc.. “As we continue to grow and expand our offerings, it’s important that our name accurately represents our mission to be the trusted guardian of our clients’ digital security.”

“For decades our clients have relied on Virtual Guardian to keep their sensitive information and assets secure from cyber threats, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” said Patrick Naoum, CEO of Virtual Guardian and Executive VP at ESI Technologies, parent company to Virtual Guardian. “NaviLogic was acquired by Virtual Guardian in late 2021, expanding our global team and enhancing our expertise. It didn’t take long to realize that re-branding NaviLogic as Virtual Guardian underscores our commitment to remaining at the forefront of cybersecurity, providing the highest level of protection for our clients across North America.”

Virtual Guardian understands the journey to secure digital transformation. Its team members continuously exert their professionalism and sense of responsibility to ensure that its clients’ businesses remain online and operational. In close partnership and collaboration with their clients, Virtual Guardian identifies vulnerabilities, deploys technology and processes to address issues, and responds to threats when they occur to mitigate impact. Intersecting people, processes, and technology, Virtual Guardian’s mission is to help clients achieve digital resilience, protecting what matters most.

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“NaviLogic’s core value has always been ‘your business is our business’, and their logo, which exemplified a compass rose pointing clients in the right direction fit perfectly with the Virtual Guardian’s brand as a highly trusted advisor and provider of cybersecurity service and solutions,” said Jennifer Oddo, Sr. Director – Corporate Marcomm and Strategic Operations at Virtual Guardian and ESI Technologies. “The name change will help the former NaviLogic team to better explain how we fully understand the critical role cybersecurity plays within its clients’ digital transformation journeys, how we see ourselves as both advisors and protectors – ‘unrivaled partnership fueled by trust’.”

Brand changes to NaviLogic and Virtual Guardian began with integration of new virtualguardian.com content inspired by NaviLogic’s partner ecosystem and GRC offerings. As of Sept 26, visitors to navilogic.com site will now be redirected to the Virtual Guardian site (virtualguardian.com).

The cybersecurity podcast “Behind the Shield”, previously hosted by both NaviLogic and Virtual Guardian team members will continue with recurring Virtual Guardian leadership as panelists: Patrick Naoum, CEO of Virtual Guardian, Bill Strub, President of Virtual Guardian Inc., and host Marco Estrella, Sr. Director of Cybersecurity at Virtual Guardian. Each month the podcast welcomes specials guests, from cybersecurity partners to recognized rockstars in the industry, like Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Byron Acohido and Graham Cluley, host of the award-winning ‘Smashing Security’ podcast. As always, the mission of the show is to inform, educate and advise – taking listeners behind Virtual Guardian’s shield to share insider insights.

Buzz about the name change began last month on LinkedIn, culminating with today’s message announcing the name change and the retirement of NaviLogic’s account: “NaviLogic has been part of Virtual Guardian for nearly two years now, but today we’ve officially changed our name. Those of you who have worked closely with NaviLogic over the years know that the company you trust hasn’t changed since we joined Virtual Guardian and the ESI Technologies Family of Companies. Our commitment to our clients remains the same: we make your business our business, helping you to address the critical challenges you face every day. Thank you for all the support of the NaviLogic LinkedIn page over the years. We have a truly engaged community, and we look forward to continuing our connection at @virtualguardian.”

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