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Identity and access management challenges with SaaS apps

September 23, 2021 | By: Virtual Guardian
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The largest enterprises with the most sophisticated IT teams in the world are now starting to adopt SaaS applications. They now see that SaaS is not just a new deployment model. With faster innovation cycles and all customers running the same version, SaaS applications are quickly becoming the best applications in every category of IT.

“As a result, the role of IT is changing, and now the need for application administration, management and security require new models.”

We’ve determined the top nine identity and access management challenges you’ll encounter when starting to use SaaS applications:

  • User password fatigue
  • Failure-prone manual provisioning and deprovisioning process
  • Compliance visibility: who has access to what?
  • Siloed user directions for each application
  • Managing access across explosion of browsers and devices
  • Keeping application integrations up to date
  • Different administration models for different applications
  • Sub-optimal utilization
  • and lack of insight into best practices
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As you can see, the increase in SaaS adoption by organizations that otherwise are completely focused on on-prem technology is not without its challenges. Okta has been focused on solving this problem for over five years, and has the tools to help IT administrators ensure that SaaS investments work seamlessly with their on-prem IT infrastructure. While on-demand services clearly provide tremendous ROI, they also introduce significant identity management challenges for CIOs and their teams. The increasing number of siloed user directories means users’ password libraries grow with each new application. What’s more, administrators can quickly lose control of who has access to what.

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