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Working within the client’s environment, we wanted to build a foundation for secure SIEM implementation that will meet the coverage needs of the client’s growing infrastructure.

Virtual Guardian onboarded the client and started monitoring with an industry-leading SIEM platform: IBM’s QRadar. This client also wanted to reduce their attack surface further by engaging our vulnerability management service, also delivered by our SOC analysts using Qualys.

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The client has continued to expand this effective SIEM approach with our team and continues to iterate the scope of their growing SOC needs. Today, the client has a reduced attack surface and 100% visibility on suspicious activities happening on their systems.

Virtual Guardian works with the best.

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Our experienced team will help you choose, plan, and implement a cybersecurity program and solutions tailored to your business.

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Let our 24/7 SOC, powered by IBM Security’s QRadar, safeguard your organization.