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Reinforcement and Modernization Program

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The needs of our client included 15 major projects grouped into a single program when we broke ground on this modernization. They decided to work with ESI and Virtual Guardian as technology partners to ensure an efficient process.

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Windows
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • MS- SQL
  • DB2
  • Informix
  • Citrix
  • VDI
  • M365
  • Sharepoint
  • Networking DMZ
  • SD – WAN
  • Segmentation and Cloud access management

We established a partnership agreement with the client providing a diverse set of services to meet all of their project needs. In this case those primarily include:

Telecom/security solution architect consulting for technology choices, design, integration, and implementation of network and security solutions for the new technology foundation.

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Infrastructure solution architecture consulting (Windows/Azure profile) for technology choices, design, integration and implementation of Microsoft and M365 solutions.

governance and business

Consulting in cloud governance, responsible for the implementation of the cloud expertise center and the framework for the use of the various tools.

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Conducting various analyses (collaboration tools, Linux, security) in order to support the client’s team in the execution of the transformation.

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In this partnership, ESI and Virtual Guardian provide complimentary services in modernization expertise and cybersecurity support that are critical in the implementation of this project. With the modernization to conclude in 2025, we are on track to deliver on all of our established goals.

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