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Rescuing and Protecting Infrastructures

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Following an exfiltration cyber attack of this magnitude, our client faced significant challenges in relation to both the personal, and sensitive financial data that was leaked.

While the company was addressing the loss of their customers’ confidence, ESI was brought on board to help put in place mechanisms to prevent the recurrence of any future damaging cyber attacks.


Evaluation of exfiltration elements and damage assessment


Reconfiguration and rebuilding of certain infrastructures, networks and identities


Implementation and maintenance of a vulnerability management program


Monthly reporting committee on security posture.

The client’s integration into our cybersecurity monitoring center included:

  • Analysis and alerts on the organization’s critical network flows
  • Behavioral analysis and alerting on the organization’s critical activities
  • Analysis and alerting of event and logging data

Cyber defense and cybersecurity consultants

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Security surveillance consultant


Installation team

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The client was able to resume its activities, and the transparency of the processes put in place by ESI restored the organization’s confidence in the quality of its IT. ESI has since blocked and contained several cyberattack attempts for this client.

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